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Lesson With You live online music lessons with pro teachers

Flute Lessons Near Porterville

Take 1-on-1 Flute Lessons in Porterville, California with Professional Flute Instructors. First lesson is free!

Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You

Featured Flute Instructors Near Porterville, California

Learn with the best Flute instructors in Porterville. Lessons available for kids and adults. First lesson is always free.

Sarah Bortz

Sarah Bortz is a recent graduate at University of California Santa Barbara where she earned her Master of Music and was a Teaching Assistant for the flute studio under Jill Felber. She holds a bachelor’s degree for Instrumental Performance from Western Michigan University.

Before the pandemic, Sarah performed principal flute with her alma mater’s university orchestra on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet. She also has experience with classical and contemporary chamber music, jazz combos, flute choir, and band literature.

Danielle Guilmette – Flute

Danielle has had the extraordinary opportunity performing flute and piccolo at some historic venues such as Walt Disney Concert Hall, Oriental Art Centre in Shanghai, Forbidden City, Wuzhen Grand Theater, Segerstrom Theater, Lincoln Memorial, and Kennedy Center. Danielle’s passion is performing in large ensembles as well as teaching. She is constantly involved in performing in orchestras, wind ensembles, chamber groups, duets, and solo performances. She competed in the San Diego Flute competitions winning first place on piccolo and a gold metal on flute. She also won some masterclass performances at Chicago Flute Club, Flute Symposium, San Diego Flute Club, and Music Course of Juan Gual Esteve.

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Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You

As the leading provider of flute lessons, we’re proud to have provided thousands of high quality lessons for students in Porterville and around the world.


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Robin M.

Piano Lessons

Both my daughters love piano after the first free lesson and want to practice all the time. My 5 year old had a blast and was engaged every minute. My 9 year old also loved it. Ms G. was wonderful at keeping them both engaged virtually and also ensuring they had fun at their own pace. We look forward to many more piano lessons.


Mandy R.

Singing Lessons

I am so happy with my voice instructor, Julia! She is helping me to reach out of my comfort zone to fulfill a lifelong dream. Her style of teaching is so fun you forget you are learning. I can’t thank her and Kerry (Director of Client Engagement) enough for their patience and professionalism.


Saulo Q.

Guitar Lessons

Fantastic experience with these folks. Very organized and extremely fairly priced. These instructors are all very well educated. Jonathan was wonderful. He was patient and very knowledgeable. I will absolutely be continuing with these guitar lessons.

The average price for a half-hour flute lesson in Porterville is $38, while we offer lessons at only $35 per a half hour lesson.

Online flute lessons using video chats typically charge between $25-35 for a half hour lesson. Local private lessons range from $35-45 for a half hour lesson, while in-person group lessons cost $20 per student.

The cost of flute lessons varies based on the student’s location, the teacher’s expertise, local market competition, and whether the lessons are done online or in person.

Online flute lessons in Porterville offer an accessible and enriching musical journey for both children and adults. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your skills, these lessons provide a convenient and effective way to learn the flute from the comfort of your home. For children in Porterville, it’s an opportunity to develop essential life skills such as discipline, concentration, and creativity, all while fostering a deep appreciation for music. Adults, on the other hand, can fulfill lifelong aspirations or simply find an enjoyable outlet for relaxation and self-expression. Through online flute lessons, students of all ages can master techniques, music theory, and a diverse repertoire, tailoring their learning to their individual goals and preferences. It’s a gateway to a world of music, where both children and adults can nurture their talents and find immense joy in the art of flute playing.

Why Take Flute Lessons at
Lesson With You

Top Flute Teachers

What makes our top Porterville flute instructors stand out is their in-depth knowledge of flute repertoire learned through 10+ years of teaching and performing with philharmonic and chamber orchestras. 

Unlike other websites where one teacher teaches multiple instruments, our teachers exclusively teach flute. Their professional proficiency in flute is supported by advanced college degrees, distinguishing them significantly from other lesson providers.

Our teachers are active performers, participating in solo and collaborative piano performances at both local and international festivals

Feel free to explore our teacher profiles to discover their flute styles and educational backgrounds.

Personalized Lesson Plan

Our flute instructors with professional knowledge and pedagogical skills, tailor and plan lessons for each student.

At Lesson With You, your lessons will be personalized based on your age, level, musical style, and goals. You’ll focus on breath control, fingering, sound production, rhythm, technique, and explore a variety of flute repertoire to broaden your musical horizons.

Additionally, you’ll receive guidance on effective practice routines that align with your schedule and foster long-term growth.

Best Lesson Experience

The benefits of Lesson With You flute lessons in Porterville include:

  • Free trial
  • No long-term contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Fixed lesson cost
  • Dedicated team of client service
  • Background-checked teachers

All flute students are welcome to join our virtual spring and winter concerts to perform for their families and friends.

But, most importantly, the convenience of online flute lessons is what attracts all learners. For those who aren’t sure about the online setting, try our free trial and experience it for yourself!

Visit our Reviews page to hear from our students.

Flute Guides for All Levels

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lesson With You?

We take pride in offering highly experienced and exceptionally talented flute instructors who specialize in flute. Unlike other websites where an instructor teaches other instruments like trumpet or piano, our teachers exclusively teach flute. We believe students should receive high-quality lessons from instructors with in-depth knowledge and degrees, not certificates, in flute from top music schools.

You can take high quality flute lessons from these teachers at a fixed pricing. Check out our pricing page for more information.

How do online flute lessons work in Porterville?

At Lesson With You, once you submit the signup form, our customer service team will personally match you with a flute teacher who is the perfect fit in terms of teaching style, personality, and schedule. If you have any specific preferences, you can include them as additional requests in the form we send you later.

Once your complimentary trial lesson is scheduled, we will also provide guidance on setting up the Zoom meeting. After the trial lesson, our client engagement team will follow up with you.

To get started, all you need is a laptop or computer and a flute.

How much do flute lessons cost in Porterville?

The average price for a half hour flute lesson in Porterville is $38, although Lesson With You charges only $35. Online flute lessons using Zoom, Skype or Google Meet charge between $20-40 for a half hour lesson. Local one-on-one flute lessons range from $35-45 for a half hour lesson, while in-person group lessons can cost $18 for a half hour lesson.

Flute lesson pricing can vary widely depending on the teacher’s education, performing level and expertise, the location, years of teaching flute and lesson length. In-person private lessons typically charge at least 10% more than online lessons.

At Lesson With You, we offer competitive, fixed rates of $35 for a half hour lesson, $50 for 45 minutes, and $65 per hour.

What's the best age to start flute lessons?

The ideal age for a child to begin flute lessons in Porterville is between the ages of 7 and 9. It also depends on your child’s individual development and their interest in learning the flute. They should also be able to hold and move fingers on flute for a period of time.

At Lesson With You, we welcome students aged 7 and up, and for those under 10, we recommend that a parent be present during lessons.

How often should I practice flute?

The frequency and length of your flute practice can differ based on your schedule, age, skill level, and musical goals. Our instructors recommend setting aside a consistent daily practice time, ideally averaging around 20 minutes, excluding the time it takes to set up the flute. The important thing is to maintain a consistent practice routine, stay committed, and find enjoyment in the process of learning the flute over time.

What can I expect out of my first flute lesson?

First, you will learn the optimal way to set up the sound, position your flute, and arrange your screen.

Teachers may ask you several questions about your musical goals, your flute playing and practice habits, and any challenges you face when playing the flute. Based on your responses, they will suggest customized warm-up exercises and techniques to help you build your skills. Throughout the lesson, your instructor will help you with improving your posture, breathing, understanding of music theory, and expanding your flute repertoire.

Throughout your journey, you can expect to learn both the technical and artistic aspects of flute music, as well as how to develop a practice routine that suits your skill level and schedule.

What are some ways to improve my flute tone and sound quality?

To make your flute sound better, pay attention to how you breathe and shape your mouth. Focus on controlling your breath to keep a steady airflow, which affects the sound. Work on your mouth and lip position (that’s your embouchure) to get good control and clear notes by using a variety of exercises with repetition.

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