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Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons by Professional Instructors - lesson with you

Exceptional French Horn Instructors

Take 1-on-1 online french horn lesson with instructors from top music schools. All instructors have professional degrees in french horn and exclusively teach french horn. They have significant experience in teaching and performing with major orchestras worldwide.

Customized Lesson Plans

Our french horn lesson plans are tailored for each student based on their age, level and goals. Students can expect to make measurable progress through engaging repertoire, french horn technique, theory and more.

Flexible Scheduling, No Contracts

We offer optimal scheduling options that work for you, so you can start, stop and resume lessons anytime you want. No contracts ever.

Try a Half Hour French Horn Lesson Completely For Free!

Meet your french horn teacher, discuss goals, and begin 1-on-1 live instruction.
No contract or credit card necessary.




Lessons taught

4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Average lesson rating

Featured French Horn Instructors

Our french horn instructors have professional degrees from internationally recognized music schools and are fully background checked.
Gray Smiley - French Horn instructor at Lesson With You

Gray Smiley – French Horn

D.M.A. James Madison University (Present)

Our Simple Pricing

Payments are per lesson, so you can start and stop whenever you want. No contracts ever.


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Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You

How Our French Horn Lessons Work

Tell us what you're looking for

Fill out our signup form and share with us your preferred musical styles, level of experience, and most convenient time for your lessons.

Get matched with a teacher

After you submit the form, our client service team will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary trial lesson. We’ll match you with the most suitable and available teacher.

Start a trial lesson!

You’re all set for a trial! You’ll soon get a confirmation email along with guidelines to help you set up your first french horn lesson. After the trial, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps.

!! Things you need before signing up for a trial lesson

To get started, you’ll need high-speed internet, french horn, and computer or laptop. We encourage you to prepare these lesson materials before signing up for the trial lesson.  Check out our Get Started Guide for more information.

Hear From Our Students

As the leading provider of online music lessons, we’re proud to have provided thousands of high quality lessons for students around the world.


Professional Instructors


Lessons taught


Average lesson rating


Robin M.

Piano Lessons
Both my daughters love piano after the first free lesson and want to practice all the time. My 5 year old had a blast and was engaged every minute. My 9 year old also loved it. Ms G. was wonderful at keeping them both engaged virtually and also ensuring they had fun at their own pace. We look forward to many more piano lessons.

Lisa H.

Singing Lessons

My instructor, Ivana, was excellent! She was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and was able to explain the cello lesson to me with ease so that I could understand it! I looked forward to lessons with her with excitement! I would certainly recommend her as an excellent cello teacher!


Jeff M.

Guitar Lessons

Lucas has been excellent, especially dealing with kids that aren’t real talkative! He is great at working with kids, at their level, and has been a good guitar teacher.

Why Choose Lesson With You?

Best French Horn Teachers

Our passionate and skilled French horn instructors bring a wealth of experience to each lesson. Unlike other websites where one teacher teaches multiple instruments, our teachers exclusively teach french horn.

With advanced college degrees in french horn from top music schools, extensive teaching experience, and a history of successful international orchestral performances, our teachers are committed to delivering the top French horn lessons.

They are not just educators but active performers, participating in solo and collaborative stages at local and international music festivals.

Customized Lesson Plan

Our french horn lessons are personalized to be engaging, providing clear and measurable goals.

Our teachers, who have studied French horn and orchestral studies, are passionate about tailoring your lessons to match your interests, age, and goals.

Throughout the lessons, you’ll revisit and master the basics to improve your brass techniques and refine your sound. You’ll also work on targeted exercises and broaden your repertoire of French horn music. If you or your child plans to participate in performances or competitions, our instructors will give valuable resources and tips.

Best Lesson Experience

The benefits of Lesson With You french horn Lessons include:

  • Free trial
  • No long-term contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Fixed lesson cost among teachers
  • Dedicated team of client service
  • Timely account management
  • Background-checked teachers

All active students are welcome to join our virtual spring and winter concerts to perform for their families and friends.

Visit our Reviews page to hear more from our students. You can also explore our Blog page for music guides and practice tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lesson With You?

We are proud to offer incredibly experienced french horn teachers who are specialized in french horn. Unlike other websites where a french horn instructor teaches other instruments like trombone and tuba, our teachers exclusively teach french horn. We believe that students should get high-quality lessons led by instructors who have deep knowledge and have degrees in french horn.

Additionally, our policy is simple and transparent, backed by our excellent client engagement team. Try our french horn lessons at a fixed, competitive price. Check out our pricing page for more information.

How do french horn lessons work?

At Lesson With You, once you submit the signup form, our customer service team will match you with a french horn teacher who is the perfect fit in terms of teaching style, personality, and schedule. If you have any specific preferences, you can include them as additional requests in the form we send you later.

Once your trial lesson is scheduled, we will also provide guidance on setting up the Zoom meeting. After the trial lesson, our team will follow up with you.

How much do french horn lessons cost?

The average price for a half hour french horn lesson is $37, but Lesson With You charges only $35. Online french horn lessons using video chats typically charge $35 for a half hour lesson. Local lessons range from $35 to $50 for a half hour lesson.

The pricing of French horn lessons is influenced by factors such as the teacher’s expertise, location, and the type of lesson. It’s crucial to verify if the teacher specializes in French horn, as some brass players, like trombone or tuba teachers, may also offer lessons on the French horn.

At Lesson With You, we offer competitive, fixed rates of $35 for a half hour lesson, $50 for 45 minutes, and $65 per hour.

How can I improve my embouchure for better French horn playing?

To improve your French horn embouchure, consistent practice of long tones to strengthen and control your airflow is highly suggested. You can also incorporate lip slurs into your routine to improve flexibility and develop a smooth transition between notes. Try using a mirror to observe and fix your embouchure, checking proper lip placement and facial muscles engagement.

The most effective approach is to ask your instructor for personalized exercises and real-time feedback. This way, you can address issues and develop solid skills over time.

How can I develop better breath control on the French horn?

To improve your breath control on the French horn, practice deep breaths regularly, not just during your formal practice sessions. Experiment with holding notes for extended durations, using breath attacks for note starts, and paying attention to dynamic markings in the music. Spend around 20 minutes for each practice session (excluding setup time), and seek guidance from your instructor for personalized tips.

Can you recommend exercises to improve my articulation on the French horn?

Try incorporating exercises that focus on tonguing techniques. Practice short staccato notes followed by longer, sustained tones. You can also experiment with various articulation patterns, such as legato and marcato. Additionally, rhythmic exercises and scales can further refine your articulations.

We recommend you to discuss with your instructor for tailored exercises and feedback to address specific challenges and improve your articulation technique.

Are there warm-up routines for French horn?

Certainly! Warming up is important for playing the French horn and any other instrument you can think of.

Start with long tones to get your air flowing smoothly. Then, move on to lip slurs and exercises to improve your embouchure. Don’t forget some scales and arpeggios to work on your finger dexterity. These routines prepare your body and mind for a successful practice or performance. 

Learn from the Best. No contracts ever.