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Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You

Featured Piano Instructors Near Porterville, California

Dr. Larisa Soboleva – Piano

Dr. Soboleva was awarded a full scholarship and assistantship from the University of Miami in 2012, where she completed her doctorate studies under Santiago Rodriguez and Naoko Takao. She has also won prizes in National and International Competitions in Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, and the USA.

Ana Gogava – Piano
Ana Gogava successfully completed her Bachelor’s, Master’s and Artist Diploma courses at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where she studied with Prof. Philip Jenkins. In 2017 and 2018, Ana participated at Oxford Philharmonic Piano Festival (UK). In 2019, Ana won 1st Prize at the Birmingham International Piano competition.
Athena So – Piano
Athena is a current music director at The Second City, serving in both Second City TourCo (Understudy MD) and the Training Centre. Much of Athena’s influences revolve around contemporary musical theatre and classical music, but what truly drives her passion is collaborating with different art forms to collectively tell a story.
Ryo Kaneko – Piano
Ryo received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Rice University. Currently, he is earning his Doctor of Music in Indiana University under the guidance of Prof. Naoumoff. Winner of the 2014 Miami Music Festival Piano Competition and the 2015 Jacob Flier International Competition, Japanese pianist Ryo Kaneko is a rising star in the next generation of pianists.
Kristi Hifzi – Piano
Kristi Hifzi is a professionally active concert pianist and a piano instructor located in Vienna, Austria. Kristi is a laureate of around 20 prizes in several National and International competitions and her concert activity from 2015 – 2021 reaches the number of around 60 different performance events.
Julia Roer – Piano
Julia studied at Maranatha Baptist University, and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Piano Pedagogy in May of 2021. Julia participated in MBU’s collegiate chapter of MTNA and is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music for Piano.
Christian Valdes – Piano
In 2011, the University of North Texas offered him a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies, and he has had the privilege of studying with well known mentors such as Stefan Karlsson and Michael Palma. Christian also did his Masters in Jazz Piano performance at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he is now part of the faculty in the Jazz department.
Amy Sauve – Piano
Ms. Sauve is an active performer. Although she is Classically trained, much of her performance experience is in the pop, rock, and musical genres. Amy has performed at The White House twice, toured with Jazz legend Benny Carter. Amy has also been a high school music teacher of voice, orchestra, theory, piano, and ensemble music for more than 15 years.

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Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You

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As the leading provider of piano lessons in Porterville, we’re proud to have provided thousands of high quality lessons for students in Porterville and around the world.


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Robin M. – Piano Lessons

Both my daughters love piano after the first free lesson and want to practice all the time. My 5 year old had a blast and was engaged every minute. My 9 year old also loved it. Ms G. was wonderful at keeping them both engaged virtually and also ensuring they had fun at their own pace. We look forward to many more piano lessons.

Diane R. – Piano Lessons

Ana understood exactly what I was looking to do; she evaluated my piano playing (kindly); didn’t waste any time and we jumped right in. She was very gentle, made me feel very comfortable, and she was so helpful. Gave me the guidance and support I need to move forward.


Zoe E. – Piano Lessons

Tina speaks my mother tongue so the communication went smooth and I feel comfortable. She also gave very helpful tips on the piano pieces I’m working on in a short period of time. Kerry (Director of Client Engagement) was making every effort to make it happen and improve the whole experience.

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The average price for a half-hour piano lesson in Porterville is $45, while we offer lessons at only $35 per a half hour lesson.

Live online piano lessons using Zoom or Skype typically charge between $25-55 for a half hour lesson. Local private lessons range from $35-55 for a half hour lesson in Porterville , while in-person group lessons cost $25 per student for a half hour lesson.

Why Choose Lesson With You for Porterville Piano Lessons??

We’re proud to have a wonderful team of piano teachers available for students in Porterville, all holding certified piano degrees that are not easy to come by online. Unlike other platforms where teachers teach multiple instruments, our piano instructors are completely dedicated to teaching piano.

With advanced degrees in piano, years of teaching, and success in international competitions, our instructors are committed to providing top-quality live online piano lessons.

At Lesson With You, piano students can take online lessons with any of our instructors, all at a fixed price staring at $35.

Structured Piano Lesson Plans

For Porterville piano lessons for kids, including children under 12, our piano lessons are designed to be engaging and clear. We use method books like Faber and Alfred’s to give your child a structured learning experience.

For Porterville adult piano lessons, we also use adult piano lesson method books such as the Alfred series, but can also tailor the lessons further based on your interests.

Our Porterville piano lessons are for beginner pianists, advanced piano students, and everyone in between. 

Our piano teachers have studied Piano Pedagogy in college, are excited to create customized lesson plans that match your interests, age, and goals. We also appreciate feedback from our students, especially after completing trials. Our client service team is here to help you find piano resources and give answers to any questions you might have about your lessons and learning journey.

Resources: 8 Best Piano Books for Beginners  /  Complete Guide to Buying Your First Keyboard

Performance Opportunities

We offer our piano students with annual virtual performance opportunities in both spring and winter. These events have seen increasing success over the years, with more students participating each time. Due to the flexibility offered by online lessons, we’re able to offer greater performance opportunities than almost any in-person piano lessons in Porterville.

Playing in our virtual performances is not only a chance to grow your piano skills but also a wonderful opportunity to boost your confidence. It’s a great way to invest your practice time and effort into something truly rewarding.

If you’re interested in participating in external auditions or piano competitions, our instructors are more than happy to help you in preparing for these events.

Flexible, Affordable Lesson Experience

Here are selected features of Lesson With You Piano Lessons:

  • Complimentary 30-minute trial
  • No long-term contract
  • Start or stop any time
  • No hidden fees
  • Fixed, affordable piano lesson cost
  • Dedicated team of client service
  • Background-checked teachers
  • Online piano lesson experience means taking 1:1 lessons with the top piano instructors teaching students in Porterville without ever having to leave your own home
We believe our lesson experience is better than any in-person lessons in Porterville, and can hear this directly from our students on our Reviews page. You can also find helpful piano guides and tips on our Blog page. For any inquires, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

Online piano lessons in Porterville offer an accessible and enriching musical journey for both children and adults. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your skills, these lessons provide a convenient and effective way to learn the piano from the comfort of your home. For children in Porterville, it’s an opportunity to develop essential life skills such as discipline, concentration, and creativity, all while fostering a deep appreciation for music. Adults, on the other hand, can fulfill lifelong aspirations or simply find an enjoyable outlet for relaxation and self-expression. Through online piano lessons, students of all ages can master techniques, music theory, and a diverse repertoire, tailoring their learning to their individual goals and preferences. It’s a gateway to a world of music, where both children and adults can nurture their talents and find immense joy in the art of piano playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I actually learn an instrument online? Are online lessons legit?

Online piano lessons can be a great and legitimate option as long as the instructor is professional, and you have a reliable internet connection. The lesson structure is almost identical to in-person lessons but online lessons are cheaper and more convenient than in-person lessons in Porterville. Another advantage of online piano lessons is that you can learn from home with just a keyboard or piano, reducing time spent traveling between the teacher’s studio and your place. If your goal is to perform professionally in settings like auditions, recitals, or competitions, in-person lessons may be a better choice.

Our piano instructors offer top-quality online piano lessons at a competitive rate, making your musical journey both easy and affordable! Try for free today.

What equipment and technology do you use for piano lessons?

At Lesson With You, students will first need a digital keyboard or piano in addition to high-speed internet, such as a microphone, computer or laptop, and lesson books. We use Zoom as our primary lesson platform. If you have any questions or concerns about the equipment and lesson setting, just reach out to our client service team and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Should I get an upright piano or digital keyboard?

For players who are just starting their piano lessons, we suggest investing in a fully weighted digital keyboard with 88 keys, typically priced between $500 and $700. Keyboards with 61 keys or semi-weighted keys, often priced below $400, may not provide the best learning experience unless you are on a very tight budget and plan to upgrade in the future.

Ideally, an upright keyboard is a great choice for most players, as long as it fits your budget. We recommend brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway & Sons, and Bosendorfer.

Resource: Complete guide to buying your first digital keyboard

Is sight reading necessary in piano?

Sight-reading isn’t a required skill but it helps you learn the correct notes and rhythms and expressions. Especially if you’re playing classical music, sight-reading helps you understand overall musical structure of the piece. Ultimately, sight-reading speeds up your progress in learning music.

For those who want to learn a piece just by ear training, our teachers can customize the lesson plan for you that way. However, our teachers recommend developing a sight-reading skill steadily so you can learn new pieces easier and faster.

Why is music theory incorporated in piano lessons?

Music theory is a key element of understanding a music you play. Without knowing the basic theory, there’s a higher risks of playing wrong notes or registers, inaccurate rhythms, or wrong expressions. 

The better you understand music theory, the quicker you’ll learn new pieces and make long-term progress. You can adjust the amount of music theory in your lessons after discussing it with your teacher. We use all-in-one piano method books that blend music theory with practical playing. These books are tailored to your level and age, making piano learning both comprehensive and enjoyable.

What's the best age for children to start piano lessons?

According to our recent blog post, the best age to start music lessons is between the ages of 7 and 9. We welcome piano students aged 7 and up, and for those under 12, we recommend that a parent be present during lessons for a successful learning experience.

For children who are young to read music, our teachers provide instruction with fun activities like rhythm games, ear training, and improvisation to help your child develop their musical abilities in an engaging way. 

How much are the piano lessons in Porterville, California?

In Porterville, California, the average price for a half-hour piano lesson is $40. Nationally, rates typically range between $30 and $50 for a half-hour session.

At Lesson With You, our lesson pricing is set to fit the needs of everyone and all of the lessons are priced equally, regardless of the teacher, and the rates are $35 per half hour, $50 for 45 minutes, and $65 per hour. We’ve made it simple for you to plan and budget by creating guides for the cost of lessons with each instrument. We’re proud to offer clear and competitive prices!

What should I expect out of private online piano lessons?

In your 1-on-1 private lessons, your teacher will give you detailed guidance on the technical and artistic sides of piano music. You’ll learn about finger techniques, hand positions, basic music theory, the background of the music, and how to express the music.

You’ll get real-time feedback to improve your hand posture, sound production, and playing the right notes and rhythms. At the end of each lesson, the teacher will assign specific tasks to work on before your next lesson.

How do I sign up for lessons?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find the right teacher for you! At Lesson With You, after you submit the signup form, our client service team will match you with the instructor who is the right fit in terms of teaching style, personality, and schedule. If you have a specific preference, you can leave it as an additional request in the form we send you afterward.

Who is eligible for a trial lesson? Is the trial free?

Every new piano student is eligible for a completely free half-hour trial lesson, where they will meet their teacher and begin their first musical journey. This unique feature isn’t commonly found on other websites. We also don’t require long-term contracts, so you can start, stop, or resume lessons anytime.

Is there a discount if I take multiple lessons per week, or if I have multiple children taking lessons?

If multiple students in your family take lessons with the same teacher, each full-price lesson will qualify for a $5 discount on a second lesson within the same week. For example, if you’re taking half hour lessons twice a week or have two children taking half hour lessons, one lesson will be $35 (our fixed rate), and another is $30, for a total of $65. To learn more, please reach out to our client service team by requesting a trial lesson.

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