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Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You

Featured Guitar Instructors Near National City, California

Lucas Messore – Guitar

Lucas is a guitarist, producer, and engineer based in Los Angeles. He has performed with Trevor Daniel, Rick Nowels, Dame Dash, Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, Nothing Nowhere, Desiigner, and many others. He’s also appeared on VH1, Vice, Rolling Stone, and Billboard. Lucas received a Bachelor of Science in Music from Northwestern University and eventually moved to LA.

Maya Ratsey – Guitar
Maya Ratsey has been a professional musician teaching, recording, and performing for over 15 years. Maya then attended McNally Smith College of Music where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance in 2015. Maya has spent the last 10 years touring and recording around the world. Performing and recording credits include Selah, Shelia E, Wintley Phipps, Rae Sremmurd, and more.
Jess Kerber – Guitar
Before long, Jess Kerber found herself at Boston’s Berklee College of Music as the 2018 Berklee Lollapalooza full scholarship recipient. The environment challenged her tastes and songwriting style, leading her to take on a more subdued and lyric-driven approach, influenced by the indie-folk of artists like Andy Shauf and Adrianne Lenker.
Levi Matthews – Guitar
Levi holds dual Bachelor degrees (Summa Cum Laude) in Guitar Performance and Music Production from Berklee College of Music, as well as a minor in guitar from Central College. He has toured with numerous bands, written numerous albums, and currently writes music for a Los Angeles based A&R company, with which he has had placements with many large music libraries and syncs.
Ryan Liebig – Guitar
Ryan Liebig has been playing music since he was 14. Ryan majored in music at Northeastern State University where he studied jazz guitar from Bobby Brewer and classical guitar from William Reyes. Outside of the university Ryan has been a freelance musician in the Northeast Oklahoma area performing in rock, funk, jazz, blues, and soul groups in addition to classical gigs and musicals on guitar, bass, and double bass.
Jonathan Shanley – Guitar
Jonathan decided to pursue the study of the instrument at Bloomsburg University with Dr. Matthew Slotkin where he earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in Guitar Performance and the other in Music Education. Along the way, he has taken part in Master Classes with notable figures in the field such as Thomas Viloteau, Anthony Lalena, the Newman & Oltman Duo, Kahlil Sarikey, and Evan Drummond.

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Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You

As the leading provider of guitar lessons, we’re proud to have provided thousands of high quality lessons for students in National City and around the world.


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Ursel D.

Guitar Lessons

We highly recommend Lessons With You. Our eight-year-old son started online learning to play the guitar with his instructor, Jeff Frantom, in August. Jeff is a fabulous teacher and has great teaching techniques for children. He is patient and positive, and that has really kept my son very engaged and excited about his lessons with Jeff. He encourages our son and goes out of his way to find music that is relatable and interesting and helps him grow as a beginner guitar player.


Maribeth H.

Guitar Lessons
Guitar teacher (Jonathan) was extremely kind, patient, informative, and understanding. He worked hard to help student learn guitar.

Saulo Q.

Guitar Lessons

Fantastic experience with these folks. Very organized and extremely fairly priced. These instructors are all very well educated. Jonathan was wonderful. He was patient and very knowledgeable. I will absolutely be continuing with these guitar lessons.

How much do guitar lessons cost? - Lesson With You Guitar Lessons Pricing Guide

The average price for a half-hour guitar lesson in National City is $37, while we offer lessons at only $35 per a half hour lesson.

Online guitar lessons using Zoom or Skype typically charge between $20-40 for a half hour lesson. Local private lessons range from $35-50 for a half hour lesson, while in-person group lessons cost $20 per student for a half hour lesson.

Why Choose Lesson With You?

We’re proud to have a wonderful team of guitar teachers teaching students in National City, all holding certified guitar degrees. Unlike other platforms where teachers teach multiple instruments, our instructors are completely dedicated to teaching guitar. 

With certified degrees in guitar, years of teaching experience, and outstanding records of touring and performing alongside renowned bands and musicians worldwide, our instructors are committed to delivering exceptional live online guitar lessons for students in National City. Our teachers specialize in a wide range of guitar styles, including Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Bass, Extended Range, and Ukulele.

At Lesson With You, guitar students can take online lessons with any of our instructors, all at a fixed price staring at $35.

Customized Guitar Lesson

Our guitar instructors are experienced educators who are trained to customize lesson plans that match your interests, age, and goals.

For instance, if you’re working on a particular piece, our teachers will suggest exercises to improve your chords and strumming. During lessons, you’ll not only refine your overall guitar techniques but also develop a keen ear for making great sound and a strong sense of rhythm.

We really appreciate hearing from our guitar students, especially after your trial lessons. If you have any questions about your lessons or anything related to learning the guitar, don’t hesitate to reach out to our client service team.

Best Guitar Lesson Experience

Here are selected features of Lesson With You Guitar Lessons:

  • Complimentary 30-minute trial
  • No long-term contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Fixed lesson cost
  • Dedicated team of client service
  • Background-checked teachers

We have testimonials from our students available for you to read on the Reviews page. You can also find helpful lesson guides and tips on our Blog page. For any inquires, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

Easy Lesson Set Up

One of the great things about taking online guitar lessons is the convenience it offers. You can save both time and money because there’s no need to travel back and forth between a lesson studio in National City and your home.

This flexibility is especially helpful for our younger students and their parents since they can easily schedule lessons around school and other activities. To get started with our lessons, all you need is your guitar, a laptop or iPad, and a reliable internet connection. It’s as simple as that!

Online guitar lessons in National City offer an accessible and enriching musical journey for both children and adults. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your skills, these lessons provide a convenient and effective way to learn the guitar from the comfort of your home. For children in National City, it’s an opportunity to develop essential life skills such as discipline, concentration, and creativity, all while fostering a deep appreciation for music. Adults, on the other hand, can fulfill lifelong aspirations or simply find an enjoyable outlet for relaxation and self-expression. Through online guitar lessons, students of all ages can master techniques, music theory, and a diverse repertoire, tailoring their learning to their individual goals and preferences. It’s a gateway to a world of music, where both children and adults can nurture their talents and find immense joy in the art of guitar playing.

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Can I actually learn an instrument online? Are online lessons legit?

Online guitar lessons can be an excellent option as long as the instructor is professional, and you have a stable internet connection. The lesson structure is almost identical to in-person lessons but online lessons are cheaper and more convenient. The main benefit of online guitar lessons is that you can learn from home with just a guitar reducing time spent traveling between the teacher’s studio and your place. If your goal is to perform professionally in settings like auditions, recitals, or competitions, in-person lessons may be a better choice.

Our team of guitar teachers offer top-quality online guitar lessons at a competitive rate where you don’t find easily in other platforms. Try for free today.

What should I expect to accomplish in a free guitar lesson?

In your first free guitar lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself, share your level of experience, and talk about a piece you’d like to work on and your goals. Depending on the teacher’s approach, you might be asked to play some parts to so that your teacher can provide real-time feedback, tricks, and advice. Towards the end of the lesson, you can discuss your plans for moving forward. Our instructors will also provide guidance on signing up for regular guitar lessons.

What equipment and technology do you use for guitar lessons?

At Lesson With You, students will first need a guitar in addition to high-speed internet, such as a microphone, computer or laptop, and lesson books. We use Zoom as our primary lesson platform. If you have any questions or concerns about the equipment and lesson setting, just reach out to our client service team and we’ll be happy to assist you!

What's the best age for children to start guitar lessons?

According to our recent blog post, the best age to start guitar lessons is between the ages of 7 and 9. We welcome guitar students aged 7 and up, and for those under 12, we recommend that a parent be present during lessons for a successful learning experience. For children who are young to read music, our teachers provide instruction with activities like rhythm games, ear training, and improvisation to help your child develop their musical abilities in an engaging way. 

During the lessons, your child will not only develop guitar skills but also improve communication skills and dedicate focused time and effort to their guitar practice.

How much are the guitar lessons in National City, California?

The average price for a half hour guitar lesson in National City is $38, although Lesson With You charges only $35. Live online lessons using Zoom or Skype charge between $25-50 for a half hour lesson. Local private one-on-one guitar lessons range from $35-50 for a half hour lesson, while in-person group lessons can cost $25 for a half hour lesson.

Guitar lesson pricing can vary widely depending on the teacher’s education and performing level, the location, years of teaching guitar and lesson length. In-person private lessons typically charge more than online lessons, and the cost of individual or group guitar lessons start as low as $35 per hour.

Is there a discount if I take multiple lessons per week, or if I have multiple children taking lessons?

If multiple students in your family take lessons with the same teacher, each full-price lesson will qualify for a $5 discount on a second lesson within the same week. For example, if you’re taking half hour lessons twice a week or have two children taking half hour lessons, one lesson will be $35 (our fixed rate), and another is $30, for a total of $65. To learn more, please reach out to our client service team by requesting a trial lesson.

Which is right for me: finger picking or strumming?

Choosing between finger-picking and strumming depends on your musical interests and the guitar style you want to play. Finger-picking works well for complex melodies and styles like classical, folk, and acoustic. Strumming is great for rhythm and is commonly used in genres like rock, pop, and country. Ultimately, the best approach is to learn both techniques to open up more possibilities in your guitar journey.

Is it okay if I don't read sheet music for guitar?

Reading music isn’t a requirement for playing the guitar, as many guitarists primarily rely on chord charts, tablature (tabs), and playing by ear.

Learning to read sheet music can be a valuable skill in the long run. It helps you understand the basics of music theory and makes it easier to play a wide range of guitar styles. If you’re considering playing in a band or forming one, it’s recommended to know how to read sheet music. This will help you play along with other musicians better since you know can understand their melodies by reading the sheet music. 

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