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Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons - Lesson With You
Live Online Music Lessons with Professional Music Teachers - Lesson With You

Exceptional Music Instructors

Take 1-on-1 live online lesson with instructors from leading music schools. Our instructors specialize exclusively in teaching one instrument, supported by professional degrees (Master’s or Doctorate) they earned in their areas of expertise.

Customized Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are tailored for each student based on their level and goals. Students can expect to make measurable progress through engaging repertoire, technique, and more.

Flexible Scheduling, No Contracts

We offer optimal scheduling options that work for you, so you can start, stop and resume lessons anytime you want. No contracts ever.

Try a Half Hour Lesson Completely For Free!

Meet your professional music teacher and begin 1-on-1 live instruction.
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Featured Music Teachers

Our instructors have advanced degrees from internationally recognized music schools and are fully background checked.
Tamar Simon Voice Teacher - Lesson With You

Tamar Simon – Voice

M.M. University of British Columbia
Amalia Rinehart - Live Online Piano Teacher - Lesson With You

Dr. Amalia Rinehart – Piano

D.M.A. Stony Brook University
Chris Forbes - Live Online Saxophone Teacher

Chris Forbes – Saxophone

M.M. Northwestern University
Blake Kitayama - Live Online Cello Teacher - Lesson With You

Blake Kitayama- Cello

M.M. University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Lucas Messore - Live Online Guitar Lessons - Guitar Instructor Lesson With You

Lucas Messore – Guitar

B.M. Northwestern University
Danielle Guilmette Flute Live Online Lessons - Flute Instructor at Lesson With You

Danielle Guilmette – Flute

B.M. Roosevelt University
Colin Russo - Lesson With You Drum Lessons - Drum Teachers

Colin Rosso – Drums

B.M. The New England Conservatory of Music
Aubrey fineout-watts - Lesson With You Violin and Viola instructor

Aubrey Fineout – Violin, Viola

M.M. Texas Christian University
Payments are per lesson, so you can start and stop whenever you want. No contracts ever.


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Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You
Music Lesson Pricing - Lesson With You

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Fill out our signup form and share with us your preferred musical styles, level of experience, and the most convenient time for your lessons.

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After you submit the form, our client service team will reach out to you to schedule a trial lesson. We’ll match you with the most suitable available teacher.

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As the leading provider of music lessons, we’re proud to have provided thousands of high quality lessons for students around the world.


Professional Instructors


Lessons taught


Average lesson rating


Robin M.

Piano Lessons
Both my daughters love piano after the first free lesson and want to practice all the time. My 5 year old had a blast and was engaged every minute. My 9 year old also loved it. Ms G. was wonderful at keeping them both engaged virtually and also ensuring they had fun at their own pace. We look forward to many more piano lessons.

Mandy R.

Singing Lessons
I am so happy with my voice instructor, Julia! She is helping me to reach out of my comfort zone to fulfill a lifelong dream. Her style of teaching is so fun you forget you are learning. I can’t thank her and Kerry (Director of Client Engagement) enough for their patience and professionalism.

Saulo Q.

Guitar Lessons

Fantastic experience with these folks. Very organized and extremely fairly priced. These instructors are all very well educated. Jonathan was wonderful. He was patient and very knowledgeable. I will absolutely be continuing with these guitar lessons.

Lesson Cost Guides

Curious to know how much music lessons cost these days? Find the average music lesson prices and choose the best option for you or your child.

Music Guides: Beginner to Advanced


How do live online music lessons compare to in-person lessons?

Live online lessons work better for anyone seeking flexible scheduling and affordable pricing. Our live 1-on-1 online lessons are very similar to in-person lessons, but more affordable and convenient. Unlike in-person lessons, online lessons can be set up from the comfort of your home with just a few equipment, helping music learners to learn at their own pace and schedule. Plus, many professional instructors, including our own, offer online lessons with the same high-quality instruction as in-person lessons, but at a lower cost.

Why choose Lesson With You?

We are proud to offer incredibly skilled and professional teachers who are specialized in their instrument fields. Unlike other websites where one teacher teaches multiple instruments, our teachers exclusively focus on their specific instrument. We believe that students should get high-quality lessons led by instructors who have deep knowledge and have official degrees from prestigious music schools.

You can take live online lessons from these incredible teachers at a fixed pricing. Check out our pricing page for more information.

What equipment and technology do you use for online lessons?

At Lesson With You, students will need lesson equipment in addition to high-speed internet, such as a microphone, computer or laptop, and lesson books. We use Zoom as our live lesson platform. If you have any questions or concerns about the equipment and lesson setting, just reach out to our client service team and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Can children take live online music lessons?

We have a team of amazing music instructors with advanced degrees in their instruments and also have specialized training (pedagogy) in teaching children. According to our recent article series, the best age to start music lessons is between the ages of 7 and 9. We welcome students aged 5 and up, and for those under 13, we recommend that a parent be present during lessons to ensure a successful learning experience. For children who are young to read music, our teachers provide instruction with fun activities like rhythm games, ear training, and improvisation to help your child develop their musical abilities in a playful and engaging way. 

How much are the lessons?

Our lesson pricing is set to fit the needs of everyone, including children, adults, individuals, and families. All of our lessons are priced equally, regardless of the teacher, and the rates are $35 per half hour, $50 for 45 minutes, and $65 per hour. To make it easier for you to plan and budget, we’ve created exclusive lesson cost guides for each instrument. You’ll find that our pricing is both transparent and competitive!

What instruments do you offer lessons for?

We currently offer lessons for 20 instruments including singing. Popular instruments we teach include piano, singing, guitar, drums, violin, and cello. For guitar lessons, we teach acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele, extended range guitar. We also offer high-quality woodwinds lessons, including flute, saxophone and clarinet. All lessons are taught by professionals and are charged at fixed, competitive prices.

How do lessons work? How do I find the right instructor?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find the right teacher for you! At Lesson With You, after you submit the signup form, our customer service team will match you with the teacher who is the right fit in terms of teaching style, personality, and schedule. If you have a specific preference, you can leave it as an additional request in the form we send you afterward.

Who is eligible for a trial lesson? Is the trial free?

Every new student is eligible for a completely free half-hour trial lesson, where they will meet their teacher and begin their musical journey. This unique feature isn’t commonly found on other websites. We also don’t require long-term contracts, so you can start, stop, or resume lessons anytime. So start learning the instrument with us and see where the music takes you!

Do you offer in-person lessons?

Lesson With You currently does not offer in-person music lessons.

Is there a discount if I take multiple lessons per week, or if I have multiple children taking lessons?

If multiple students in your family take lessons with the same teacher, each full-price lesson will qualify for a $5 discount on a second lesson within the same week. For example, if you’re taking half hour lessons twice a week or have two children taking half hour lessons, one lesson will be $35 (our fixed rate), and another is $30, for a total of $65. To learn more, please reach out to our client service team by requesting a trial lesson.

Can beginners with no prior experience take online music lessons?

Absolutely! Our music lessons are perfect for beginners with no prior experience. Our professional instructors can customize lesson plans tailored to your age, interests, level and goals. Whether you’re a beginner or have some basic knowledge, our instructors will work with you to develop your techniques and achieve your musical aspirations. Our free trial lesson is a great opportunity to get started and see how our lessons can work for you.

Learn from the Best. No contracts ever.