How Much do Clarinet Lessons Cost?

The Complete Guide to Clarinet Lesson Pricing

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Marc Levesque   12/29/20 updated 09/21/21 • 4 min read

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The Average Clarinet Lesson Cost:

Our clarinet lessons cost $55 per hour while clarinet lessons generally cost between $40-$90 per hour, depending on the level of the teacher, the location, and whether the lessons are in-person or online. Some teachers without a music degree will charge as little as $30 an hour, and concert clarinetists with prizes from top music competitions might charge as much as $300!

We surveyed over 100 qualified clarinet teachers and found that the average price for a one-hour clarinet lesson is $55, although there are some sites such as Lesson With You that offer consistently lower prices while still having excellent clarinet teachers.

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What Determines Clarinet Lesson Costs?

  • Teacher Level

To determine how much to pay for clarinet lessons, it is important to figure out exactly what you’re looking for.

The most basic question is if you want your teacher to have a music degree or not. Teachers without music degrees tend to charge between $30-$40 per hour but they do not offer professional level instruction.

Teachers who have a music degree that is not clarinet related, such as ones with a Bachelor’s in oboe who have some clarinet skills, will often charge $30-$50 per hour. They generally have a solid understanding of music, but they do not have advanced clarinet performing abilities and are very limited in giving practical instruction. This increases the risk that they will teach beginners bad habits that will be harmful over time.

Ideally, the teacher will have at least a Bachelor’s degree in clarinet, and lessons with those teachers range from $40-$90 on average, with teachers with a Master’s or Doctorate in clarinet typically charging $60-$90 per hour. It might seem like these teachers are only for advanced students, but it is best for beginners to learn to play clarinet the correct way from the beginning, so it is important to have a teacher who knows how to take you smoothly from a beginning to an advanced level without building any bad habits. The sooner you have a professional teacher, the sooner you will make real progress that sets you up for future advancement.

  • In-Person vs Online Lessons

Another factor in clarinet lesson costs is whether the lessons are in-person or online. Online lessons are generally the most affordable, with an average increase of about $10 for in-person lessons at a teacher’s studio, and a small additional increase to have the clarinet teacher visit your home. In-person prices can vary widely though depending on the number of qualified teachers in your area. In order to find highly-qualified teachers at reasonable prices, online lessons will be your best bet.

  • Recorded vs Live Lessons

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible clarinet lessons, there is the option of pre-recorded lessons. These are typically video or app-based lessons that aim to teach you basic clarinet abilities for a monthly fee. Unfortunately, the lessons cannot compare to the quality of live one-on-one lessons where the teacher can customize the material for you, give you live feedback on your playing in real time, and help you become better at practicing and performing. Any student who is interested in becoming a capable clarinet player is better off looking for live one-on-one lessons, such as the $30 half hour lessons offered through Lesson With You.

How much do clarinet lessons cost?

How to Find the Most Affordable Clarinet Lessons

To find the price of clarinet lessons, we surveyed over 100 teachers across our own site, Lesson With You, and two other major sites, and, using a random zip code as the location. We specifically looked for teachers who have a degree in clarinet and teach lessons online.

Lesson With You has a set price of $55 per hour and is a far better deal than the two alternatives mentioned, and indeed the value is better than any other site we have found. Each clarinet teacher at Lesson With You has a Master’s or Doctorate in clarinet, including from schools such as Northwestern and Johns Hopkins, but the lessons are only $55 per hour, making the live online clarinet lessons an incredible value.

Wyzant had the highest average price among qualified clarinet teachers, at $58 per hour. Even finding a teacher who didn’t major in clarinet, such as one with a flute or piano degree, did not do much to lower the price. Sorting through the options, it quickly became apparent that many of the top teachers did not have formal education in music, and even those who had a music degree often did not have it for clarinet, despite charging high prices for music lessons.

Takelessons has a slightly lower average price, at $50 among the teachers we surveyed. But like Thumbtack, many of the clarinet teachers listed either did not have a music degree or did not major in clarinet. Takelessons and Thumbtack both have a very large number of teachers, so surely there are some good deals, but finding teachers who’s education and prices matched that of the teachers at Lesson With You is difficult and time consuming.

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