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Why Your Homeschool Needs a Little Music - The Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

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Designing a homeschool curriculum for your children can be quite the task. You’re juggling different teaching methods for various subjects while finding ways to nurture your child’s creativity.

But there’s a great, straightforward way to enrich your child’s homeschool journey: online singing lessons.

This guide will explain why singing lessons are an excellent addition to any homeschooler’s schedule, the ideal age to start lessons, how to choose the right singing teacher, and ways to smoothly integrate lessons into your curriculum.

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Which is Better for Homeschool: Online or In-Person Singing Lessons?

For homeschool families, online lessons are an ideal way to learn singing. Qualified voice teachers often recommend virtual lessons for their flexibility, convenience, and affordability compared to in-person instruction.

Local in-studio lessons can also be great, but usually cost at least 15% more per session than online options. Plus, you need to spend time traveling to and from the teacher’s location.

Group online lessons are another choice, but the instructors may not have formal voice performance training. To get the best instruction, students at any level should learn from teachers with degrees from esteemed music colleges and universities.

Flexible Scheduling

Online singing lessons offer the flexibility to schedule their lessons around their busy homeschooling routine. Students can take lessons from the comfort of their homes without the need to travel to the teacher’s studio, and all they need for the lesson are a laptop, lesson books, and stable internet. This helps homeschoolers to save time and money while still receiving quality instruction from professional singing instructors.

Personalized Lesson Plans

With online singing lessons, homeschoolers can enjoy a personalized learning experience tailored to their needs and interests. Unlike apps or recorded videos, teachers onlive can make a personalized learning plan that matches your child’s skills, pace, and goals. This way, your child will get individualized attention, live feedback, and encouragement throughout the lessons. It’s a flexible and engaging way to help your child’s singing skills improve, right from your own home!
Online singing lessons for homeschoolers - benefits of online singing lessons for homeschool


Online singing lessons can be a budget-friendly solution for homeschool families as they don’t require physical studios for lessons. Based on our recent singing lesson cost guide, average cost for online singing lessons is $35 per half hour lesson, while in-person lessons charge an average of $40 for the same duration. 

If you’re looking for high-quality singing lessons with experienced instructors an affordable price of $35 per half hour, check out Lesson With You and get a complimentary 30-minute trial.

Global Live Online Singing Lessons

Online singing lessons can connect your with skilled and exceptional singing teachers from all over the world. There’s no need to worry about teacher quality because even the best voice teachers now offer online lessons. Through live online lessons, homeschoolers can learn a wide range of vocal music, styles, and techniques from instructors who may not be available locally or have limited teaching schedule.

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What Are the Known Benefits of Singing Lessons for Homeschool?

1. Developing Musicality

By learning to sing, homeschoolers can improve their understanding of music theory, rhythm, and melody, which can help them learn to play other instruments later on or even compose music. Singing is also a great way to develop ear training skills, making it easier for your child to recognize and memorize music. Your child will have the opportunity to explore different genres of music from various cultures, which will broaden their musical perspective and understanding of music history

2. Learn Proper Vocal Techniques

Singing lessons with an experienced voice teacher can help homeschoolers learn and develop vocal techniques, including proper breathing control, posture, tone quality, and intonation. During the lesson, the instructor will provide real-time feedback on pitch accuracy, which many young singers find challenging to self-teach through recorded videos. If your child loves to sing and wants to become a better singer while building confidence, live online singing lessons can take their talent to the next level.

3. Increased Collaborations

Homeschoolers will have the opportunity to interact with a professional voice instructor during a lesson, which is a great chance to discuss musical and technical concepts with a teacher. The best type of lesson format would be one-on-one, as the student will get dedicated instruction provided by the skilled voice teacher.

Meeting regularly with the voice teacher, even once a week, will help your child learn how to communicate with adults and collaborate to find the best solutions.

4. Experience Musical Joy

Singing lessons are a great way to add a fun and enjoyable break from the usual homeschool routine. Whether your child is a complete beginner or has some experience, singing lessons offer a unique opportunity to learn from professional teachers from around the world. By taking singing lessons, your child can build confidence beyond singing, improve their vocal skills and get a rewarding musical experience.

5. Developing Problem-solving Skills

When children work on different kinds of vocal music, they learn to think critically, creatively, and solve problems. Singing requires a fine combination of physical and mental coordination. For example, when children learn new music, they will learn how to analyze the challenges and try different practice methods to improve their singing. By developing these skills in singing, homeschoolers can take them beyond the studies and become creative thinkers in all kinds of situations.
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What’s the Good Age To Start Singing Lessons for My Homeschooled Child?

Homeschool parents often wonder – what’s the best age for my child to start singing lessons? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The ideal age depends on each child’s interest, maturity level, and ability to focus during lessons.

In general, starting voice lessons around age 7 is recommended for homeschoolers. Some children show an early passion for singing, while others develop an interest later on. Beginning with informal, fun singing activities can be a great introduction. Then, as their enthusiasm grows, more structured 1:1 lessons may be a natural next step.

If your child is unsure about taking voice lessons, starting with just a few sessions can be great. However, if your child tries lessons and decides singing is not their passion, that’s perfectly alright. One advantage of virtual music lessons is the flexibility to easily explore various instruments. You can help guide your child toward the creative outlet that best suits their musical interests and homeschooling schedule. The goal is to provide engaging, high quality arts education, whether that involves developing their singing voice or mastering another instrument.

How to Add Singing Lessons to Your Homeschooling Curriculum

Adding singing lessons to your homeschool curriculum can be a fun and exciting adventure for both you and your child! As a homeschooling parent, you can tailor online singing lessons to fit your child’s specific musical interests and learning style.

Learning to sing not only improves your child’s musical abilities but can also support other studies like math, language, science, history. Additionally, singing lessons can teach your child discipline and time management, as they will need to practice regularly.

While pre-recorded apps or software can help with the basics of singing and music theory, they may not be able to give individualized feedback and guidance for proper vocal techniques. The ultimate goal is for your child to be able to perform, not just learn the generic concepts from ordinary lesson plans.

Besides regular singing lessons, your child can explore different musical styles and composers through online research and listening assignments. Watching on-demand classical performances, such as the Metropolitan Opera, is a great starting point. With the flexibility of online lessons, homeschoolers can broaden their musical experience from the comfort of their home.

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