5 Ways Top Voice Teachers
Make Voice Lessons Better

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Rose Park   11/30/21   • 4 min read


Top voice teachers teach singing exceptionally well. They are professionally trained through years of intense singing practice and lessons starting at young ages. Because they have a considerable amount of voice lesson experiences, professional and experienced voice teachers know how to communicate with students at all ages and levels.

Top voice teachers are also highly skilled at singing for live performances and studied vocal music, music history, foreign languages, music theory and pedagogy. Learn more about how to find and choose top voice teachers here.

Top voice teachers know how to build a customized, individual curriculum based on the student’s musical strengths, weaknesses and singing goals. What other things can they do well that makes the voice lesson better and simply The Best?

How do Top Voice Teachers Teach? 5 Ways To Make The Best Voice Lessons

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Actively Listen To The Student’s Singing

Top voice instructors have good ears. Having good ears means that a teacher is able to multitask inside their heads while listening to the performance:

  • Appreciate music
  • Recognize and address challenges
  • Consider possible solutions to the problems
  • Remember specific parts in the music to discuss during the lesson

This listening process allows the voice teacher to plan or modify the lesson materials for the day. More professional the teacher is, the faster they can discuss and cover many things in the voice lesson.

Accept Different Learning Styles

Each student is unique, undoubtedly. Students have different learning speeds, mindsets and skill sets which any voice teacher should take into account when building customized curriculums. 

High-quality customized lesson curriculums include warm up, performance feedback, diction check, discussion on aesthetic and technical features, teacher demonstration and more.

For instance, if the student needs a more slow-paced learning style, top vocal teachers will consider covering less materials and add repetitive practices. If the student lacks musical or aesthetic side of the performance, top vocal instructors inspire students with new ideas and discuss ways to add personalities into music. 

Professionally trained top voice teachers know a wide range of repertoire which allows them to choose music that matches the student’s skills but is also challenging enough so they can work together in the lesson.

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Professional Communication Skills

Top voice teachers understand the difficulties a student goes through during the learning journey. They intuitively know the specific parts in the music or the performance that need improvement. The next following step is what makes professional voice teachers exceptional.

Once a teacher acknowledges the problem, they address it to the student and explain how it needs to be fixed. Great, experienced voice teachers are able to communicate with the student by giving clear, precise instruction and guide them step by step.

An example of a high quality voice lesson is when a student understands, accepts the parts that need to be fixed and knows how to improve them before the next lesson. Top vocal teachers are skilled at delivering clear instructions and keeping track of the student’s learning progress.

Motivate Students

Motivation drives voice students to do better in learning the music and practice singing. Complementing the performance is one way to motivate a student, and professional voice teachers should know when to praise the student’s progress.

Depending on the student’s personality and level, top voice teachers know how, and how much, to compliment the student’s performance.

Note that excessive praise will not encourage the student to practice and improve since young voice students or beginners tend not to know the importance of continuous training and performance development.

How do Top Voice Teachers Teach? 5 Ways To Make The Best Voice Lessons

Discuss Performance Opportunities

Top voice teachers have extensive voice performance backgrounds. This indicates that a teacher has participated in many recitals, auditions, competitions and collaborative performances. Highly professional voice teachers emphasize students the importance of self-achievement through participating in auditions, opera productions and competitions.

Additionally, top vocal teachers will actively discuss the repertoire and consult with the students when and how to prepare for the upcoming performances. Depending on the student’s progress, voice teachers should also address the student’s parents about the performance (audition, competition) details.

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