Our Mission

Lesson With You has a three part mission: to connect learners with the very best music teachers in the United States, to make the lessons affordable and convenient, and to offer the best possible experience for music teachers.

This is how we make our mission happen:

1. We only hire teachers who have advanced degrees in music performance and teaching from top music schools. Because our standards are so high, less than 5% of musicians who apply to our site are offered a position.

2. We offer extremely competitive lesson prices, and students can start or stop any time. Our teachers use Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and our own video chat, so the lessons are always affordable and easy to access. 

3. Our co-founders are both former music students and music teachers themselves, so they understand the challenges that musicians face when building their professional teaching career. We manage the marketing and administration for our teachers so they can spend less time looking for new students and more time on their passion for teaching.

Our Founders



Marc Levesque is a graduate of the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University where he studied Piano Performance and Arts Administration. He has always been an active entrepreneur and founded several companies during high school and college before eventually creating Lesson With You, which fully combines his interests in music, entrepreneurship, and education.

As a pianist, Marc made his successful debut with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra at age 15, playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 2. He went on to receive his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Piano Performance from Indiana University, studying with Professors Edward Auer and Roberto Plano. Marc has performed at various summer programs and festivals across the United States, Italy, and Croatia. 

Ye Eun
Rose Park


Ye Eun “Rose” Park is a graduate of the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University where she studied Piano Performance and Arts Administration. She is also a painter, and has a passion for creating opportunities for professional musicians. 

Born in South Korea, Rose has lived and studied in locations as varied as South Korea, Japan, China, New Zealand, and the United States. In addition to English, she is fluent in Korean and Japanese. After studying piano from a young age in many different countries, Rose attended Indiana University for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance with Edward Auer and Roberto Plano. Rose has been a prizewinner in numerous international piano competitions across the United States and Japan. 

Our Story

Lesson With You began as a small music lesson website called Musademy, which Marc launched while he was an undergraduate student. Marc had noticed that there were not many sites offering lessons with professional musicians at reasonable prices. Either sites would have only pre-recorded lessons, had many teachers without any formal music degrees, or required enormous upfront payments in order to even try a lesson. 

Most music lesson websites were essentially popularity contests where students picked teachers based on the number of reviews on teachers’ profiles. New teachers had a difficult time finding students without already having many reviews, and students could not find teachers who were the perfect match for their individual goals.As a professionally trained music teacher himself, Marc knew that a better option could be created.

Through Musademy, Marc successfully offered affordable prices and personalized teacher matches, but there was room to improve. Ye Eun Rose Park joined as a co-founder, and together they launched a new music site, Lesson With You. Keeping the great prices and personalized matches, they re-designed the website and hired even better music teachers. The number of students quickly grew, and Marc and Rose continue to improve the lesson experience for both students and teachers.

Looking forward, Lesson With You will soon expand internationally and offer lessons beyond music.