Booster Program

Refer students and get 10% of lesson package fees sent straight to you.

온라인 음악 레슨-당신과 함께하는 레슨
온라인 음악 레슨-당신과 함께하는 레슨
온라인 음악 레슨-당신과 함께하는 레슨

3 Steps to Learn & Earn

1. Refer Students

We’ll send you a custom referral flyer to share with your students.

2. Students Learn

Students select one of our lesson packs and begin live lessons with a professional instructor.

3. You Earn

Once the student makes a purchase, 10% of the fee is sent right back to your organization. 

Eligible Packages

Students Select from the Following Three Lesson Packages

Lessons Include

30 분


Earn $20 Per Student

45 분


Earn $28 Per Student



Earn $36 Per Student

최고의 TOP급 강사진

Larissa Jones - Live Online Vocal Singing Teacher

Larissa Jones – Vocal

M.M. (석사) 맨하탄 음악 대학교, 뉴욕

Wilson Poffenberger - Online Saxophone Lesson Teacher

Wilson Poffenberger – Saxophone

D.M.A. (박사) 일리노이 어바나-샴페인 대학

Ana Gogava - Live Online Piano Lessons -

Ana Gogava – Piano

M.M. (석사) 런던 길드홀 음악학교

Aubrey Fineout Headshot-min

Aubrey Fineout – Violin & Viola

M.M. (석사) 텍사스 크리스쳔 대학교

Donny Albrecht - Live Online Trumpet Lessons

Donny Albrecht – Trumpet

D.M.A. University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Isaac Monts - Live Online Drums Lessons

Isaac Monts – Drums

B.M. Central Connecticut State University

Geraldine Anello - Live Online Piano Lessons

Geraldine Anello – Piano

D.M.A. Boston University

Blake Kitayama - Live Online Cello Teacher - Lesson With You

Blake Kitayama – Cello

M.M. (석사) 노스 캐롤라이나 음악 학교

Ayana Terauchi - Live Online Flute Teacher

Ayana Terauchi – Flute

M.M. Colburn School of Music

Guitar Lesson Review - Lesson With You

Jeff Frantom – 기타, 베이스, 우크렐레

M.M. (석사) 서던 캘리포니아 대학교

Thomas McKee - Online Trombone Lesson Teacher - Lesson With You

Thomas McKee – Trombone

M.M. University of Miami

Julia Gjebic - Online Oboe Lesson Teacher - Lesson With You

Julia Gjebic – Oboe

D.M.A. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

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