What is SimplyBook?

SimplyBook is the current LWY master calendaring system. Each instructor is responsible for
maintaining their SimplyBook account. SimplyBook allows instructors to:

● Select recurring daily time slots that they will be available for lessons
● Block off special days or times when they are not available to teach
● Report lesson attendance, cancellations, customer requests for payroll purposes

Note: Scheduling the trial lesson is a prospective client’s first interaction with the Lesson With You experience. To reduce trial lesson rescheduling, it is imperative that instructors keep their SimplyBook calendars up-to-date.

Once a prospect client has selected a 30 minute complimentary trial slot, SimplyBook will:

● Send the prospect an email that the lesson is tentatively set and awaiting confirmation from the teacher
● Send the teacher an email that a trial lesson has been scheduled and instructors to confirm or reschedule the trial (prospective client contact information are included)